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morning paint sessions

Morning Masterclass

A perfect way to relax, come with friends or make new ones over tea/coffee and art.

Corporate Events

We guide you and offer options that will set the tone for making your event a memorable one. Our events last from 1 and a half to 3 hours. Call us to collaborate on your next event.

weekend paint sessions
Junior Artisan Afterschool

Junior Artisan Afterschool

We host renowned and name worthy junior artisan afterschool sessions. These are fun, focused groups with more individualized instruction. We understand how each child is unique and we help them to explore their own distinctive style through weekend paint sessions. Junior Artisans must be 13 or older.

Uncorked, Mixers, Featured Artists and Date Nights

Have a memorable night where you could paint, mingle with friends or make new ones.

weekend paint sessions

Coming soon Junior Artisan 2021 Workshops

Junior Artisan Workshops are for young artisans who would like to explore the world of painting. Artisans will have opportunities to develop acrylic painting techniques, including color mixing, shading, and perspective, all while creating projects aimed at inspiring the young artist.